Grantmaker Self-Assessment

If your grantmaking portfolio has a wide range of programs or initiatives, it is best to focus on one program or initiative when answering these questions.

For the following five questions, please choose the answer that best applies to your situation. If more than one answer applies fully, pick the answer farthest down on the list. 

It will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete the assessment.

1. You have selected a set of grantees who:
2. Your grantmaking is centered on an issue or field where:
3. Your grantmaking strategy is:
4. Your grantmaking strategy is significantly influenced by:
A reminder to pick the answer down on the list if more than one answer applies.
5. Your theory of change aims to:
6. To make meaning of the system, learn about how it evolves, and influence it over time, you consistently:
Please check all answers that apply.
About you
What type of grantmaker are you?
What is your organization's geographic focus?
What is your grantmaking institution's annual grantmaking range?
What are you most interested in learning about at this time?
Check all that apply.
If your interest is not noted above, please describe it here.