Landscape Scans

Resource Type

Narrative Reporting

These resources analyze large amounts of data to describe all the elements in the system.

Systems Questions


What is the social network and how can we influence it?


What are the events, activities, actions, behaviors, and forces that affect the system, and how can we influence them?

Grantmaking Stages

Develop grantmaking strategy

Resources in this category can help you understand the system, identify outcomes and determine grantmaking interventions.

Identify and select grantees

Resources in this category can help you understand who is in the system, the strength and content of their relationships, who is missing and the power dynamics among them.


Flexible from no/some participation to highly participatory


A skilled facilitator


1-5 months

What is it?

A narrative reporting resource for understanding a system at one point of time. It can include a review of issues; actors; events; historic strategies; market supply and demand; and social, political and economic context. Depending on the approach taken, Landscape Scans can: surface gaps in the system, narrow issues of importance, clarify key stakeholders and influencers, identify drivers in a system, provide a market analysis, explore funding opportunities, etc. This may be done using qualitative and/or quantitative research and usually focuses on a specific issue, field or geography. For more information, refer to GrantCraft’s "Scanning the Landscape 2.0: Finding Out What’s Going on in Your Field."