Social Movement Mapping

Resource Type

Visual Mapping

These resources result in a visual representation of systems, each through a particular lens (e.g., social relationships, political power, issues and concepts).

Systems Questions


What is the social network and how can we influence it?

Grantmaking Stages

Identify and select grantees

Resources in this category can help you understand who is in the system, the strength and content of their relationships, who is missing and the power dynamics among them.


Flexible from no/some participation to highly participatory


An expert with specialized knowledge or technology


Less than 1 month

What is it?

This visual mapping technique creates a social network map of a movement. There are three steps: 1) identify organizations and actors in a movement; 2) analyze their network ties and issue areas; and 3) analyze how people perceive themselves and others as being core, peripheral, or outside the movement. It can be used to influence movement boundaries, identity and membership. For more, please refer to “Cooptation or Convergence in Field Level Dynamics: Social Movement Structure, Identity and Image,” by Andrew Hoffman.